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Our pest control technicians carry out inspections across the property, looking for telling signs of rodent activity. The bait stations are placed according to the activity level in any such area. Eradipest Services only make use of high quality baits that have a very low secondary poisoning affect.

Flying insects such as flies, mosquitos and wasps as well as crawling pests such as bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, ants and silverfish to name a few, are eradicated and controlled through the use of residual pesticides which are safe for all mammals.

Eradipest Services offer a roof vac service. This will include a thorough removal of debris, dust piles and all rodent droppings. This ensures a clean and hygienic home.

Especially during the summer months into the winter months, its important to keep all manholes and sewer drains free from American cockroaches with ongoing and scheduled services.

We use different preventative treatments which would inlcude a residual pesticide that is sprayed along the perimeter of your home, focusing on key areas such entry points. We have a great track record of our preventative treatments being very effective. 

About Us

Eradipest Services

Based in Cape Town (Est.2013). Eradipest Services is a family owned and operated company. We provide professional and effective pest control solutions ensuring all aspects of the job are carried out to perfection. Eradipest focuses primarily on the prevention, control and eradication of pests common in South Africa and particularly in the Cape, using only environmentally friendly products which are approved by the Department of Agriculture, Act. 36 of 1947. Our technicians are certified, professional and friendly. 

Eradipest Services

Professionals in Pest Control

Our trained technicians are equipped with the expertise through experience in residential, commercial and industrial sectors throughout the northern and southern suburbs of Cape Town.

Our eco-friendly pest control methods are unique to each individual client in order to safely yet effectively rid your premises of harmful pests, while avoiding any harm to beneficial organisms such as bees, earthworms, ladybugs, birds etc. This allows us to rectify numerous pest problems using limited pesticide applications through the use of insect specific baits, various exclusion techniques and focusing solely on Cape Town’s most despised pests without harming the environment.

Why choose us:

Fully certified.
Environmentally Friendly.
Professional Pest Control.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are all licensed and registered professionals.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on great friendly customer service

Extensive Knowledge

We bring 10 years industry experience to the table when solving your pest control issues.

Eco Friendly Treatments

This process causes less damage to the environment and lowers the toxicity threat to non-targeted organisms.



Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5 based on 2.549 reviews

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A professional pest control company that strives to deliver exceptional service. Always helpful and easy to communicate with. I will definitely make use of their services if/when I have another pest issue.
Thank you Eradipest Services for a fast and efficient service! Super friendly & Knowledgeable

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We are very proud to have been servicing Cape Town for the past 10 Years!